Border Heeler: an informal name given to a dog that is a mix of Border Collie and Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, Queensland Heeler). Not a designer dog (no way!), but usually an accidental mix of these two herding breeds.

Border Collies herd stock animals with a powerful eye. They can typically move animals just by staring them into submission.

Australian Cattle Dogs also have some eye but are called heelers because they will get right up into another animal’s space and move it by biting, typically on the heels, if necessary. Bred to herd semi-feral cattle in extremely rough conditions, they are tough, independent, and rather fearless.

I, Border Heeler, like the name because I want to give good sharp eye to the patriarchy as it manifests in pop culture and current events, and am happy to bite whenever necessary. I also think that all feminists heel along the borders of the mainstream, looking in as outsiders, and, as outsiders, are able to see what most people are too immersed in to notice. One of my goals is to bark the hidden nuances of patriarchy out into the open.

Border Heeler bitch Frankie digging up some truth.


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